Saturday, June 21, 2008

Remember Adventureland in Addison Illinois

Here are some photo memories........

Adventureland Park

Address: Route 20 (Lake St.) & Medinah Road
Addison, Illinois 60101 USA

At one time, America had lots of these local amusement parks.
Along with Kiddieland, Santa's Village,
families attended Adventureland in the years
before Marriott's (Six Flags) Great America opened in 1976.

Adventureland was one of those parks that
was left behind in the rush to build bigger
and better theme parks.
It closed in 1977.


Joe Owen said...

Wow, back in 1973 I worked at Adventure Land. I was an all around guy. I worked the burger stand near the Western Roundup, I was a ride operator for the Western Roundup, and a kiddy ride I don't remember. I worked the Italian Ice booth and the ice cream and cotton candy booth, and I was a stock boy for all the concession stands. It was pretty cool cause after work we could go on the rides free. Really good memories. I went into the Army in 1974 and it was closed up when I got out of the Army. I remember going to Old Chicago one time when I was on leave. All indoor, that was cool.

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