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Remember Santas Village In Dundee Illinois

Heres a Great Pictorial Memory For You.......

Santa's Village Dundee

Santa's Village in East Dundee, Illinois (1959-2006) was a theme park built in 1959 by H. Glenn Holland who also built the other two in San Bernardino County, California and Santa Cruz County, California. This park was the third and last that he built. The buildings were modeled on what an average child might imaging Santa's Village would look like. When it opened, it was a very prominent theme park. Over the parks history more than 20 million people passed through the front gates.

One addition to the park, opened in 1963, was the Polar Dome which provided an ice skating and hockey venue under a forced-air supported dome. On November 28, 1966, a strong wind caused the Polar Dome to collapse. [1] The dome was then replaced by a flat cedar roof.

The unsuccessful launch of the Typhoon roller coaster and decreased attention to the aesthetics of the park eventually prompted the corporation to sell. The sale did not proceed as smoothly as hoped, and with many setbacks and unmet deadlines the park had to shut its doors.

Discussion are underway for a new Santa’s Village in Utica, Illinois. This new park would incorporate the look of the original three Santa’s Villages, including original rides, attractions, and shops.


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For more information on the history of Santa's Village Dundee see or visit the Santa's Village Project at

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