Friday, February 11, 2011

Memory of James Jigg's Kovin


Well it never gets any easier even as we are all "grown up"  Its been one year sinceI lost my Pal   James "Jiggs" Kovin. I use the term Pal because thats how my friend always referred to me as his Pal.My man Jiggs brought back that word Pal out of retirement and made it a word of value again We we met almost 10 years ago to the date I knew this was a good man, He was my friend, my mentor also as he always said he was my anger management guru....And he was  lol...When ever he would walk into the house he would always greet me the same   "Hows my man pots and pans...It became are regular saying along with some of the other nicknames he came up for me along with the crazy eyetie...We spent 9 great years together and building ourselfs quite a group of friends along the way.All of who always smiled when he came in the room.In life you get to meet a very few people like Jiggs and I realized what a great addition to my life he had become.My man you will never be forgotten as you were my PAL and loved you very much. Now my pal its time for you to rest and know you left a mark on the people that you have touched along the way even more than you could have ever figured.So rest in peace my friend and thank you for being you.....................Love always....... your man pots and pans


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