Thursday, December 8, 2016

Grief Lingers

Others don't seem to understand why the grief of child loss lingers on. In their eyes, losing a child was a terrible tragedy, but one that parents should learn how to "get over" and "move forward." Losing a child is not similar to losing a house or a job or a car. Losing a child is losing part of a parent entire being -- part of the soul. 

This child, this miracle, was part of his/her parents from conception and when that separation took place, there was something known as "heartbreak." Many parents say they knew the exact moment their child died because they felt the pain of that separation clear to their soul.

 This grief is different from all other grief. Parents will grieve the loss of their child forever -- until that time when they are reunited in heaven again. It is this hope of an eternal place called heaven that is often the single most hope that gives parents of loss the ability to continue living after the death of their child. 

So, no, the grief of child loss never ends. It changes, and can feel different to parents as the years move on, but this is a grief that remains forever and ever.


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