Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sad Week in My Life

Hello and sorry for the days of no posts, As this week in the anniversary of my daughter Dawn passing away,As the years go on It always seems like there is that hope of the day I will see her again, I was taught a lesson in grief this month when my sister tried to boost my spirits during this rough time.After talking with her I realized it was true that every day was the same as the rest, not just that horrible day of the accident, That the feelings of hurt and grief were the same everyday and not just on that horrible date...For those of my friends who wish to visit her web site is www.dawnsansone.memory-of.com It is a great place to remember her and leave your wishes for her..So today six years ago today we layed your sweet self to rest and it changed my life completely, I am at a loss every day as a piece of me left with you, Love you and miss you always Dawn............................Love Dad


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