Sunday, May 16, 2010

YOU GO SARAH..................

Sarah Palin defends Arizona's new immigration measure

 Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin defended Arizona's contentious illegal immigration law Saturday saying it mirrors federal statutes and faulting the federal government for not doing more to secure the state's border with Mexican. Palin appeared with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer in north Phoenix Saturday at an event hosted by Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife, a pro hunting and fishing group.
Palin said she was going to encourage tourism to Arizona and voiced opposition to those proposing boycotts of the state because of the anti-illegal immigration law. The new law gives police greater authority to question and arrest suspected undocumented immigrants. Palin questioned why critics of the law are hammering Arizona, but not proposing boycotts of China, pointing to human rights violations in that country.
The former Alaska governor also blamed the news media for its coverage of the immigration issue in Arizona, saying what the measure does often is not reported accurately.
"The media is not doing its job on this," Palin said.
Palin also criticized the media and animal rights groups for their opposition to wolf and predator kills.
The hunting and fishing event brought protesters on both sides of the immigration fight to the J.W.Marriot Desert Ridge where the event was held.
Her appearance in the Valley and support for the illegal immigration law could further propel Brewer's re-election efforts.


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