Thursday, February 14, 2008

Losing a Child

Having had to live thru this My self,Thought this may help others also.....

Often times those grieving the loss of a child, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, disease, or accident, have incredible emotional hurdles to overcome. All loss is painful, but the pain of losing a child can be especially brutal because the grief is not just for the loss but also for the loss of the future that the child was meant to have. It can be extremely difficult for parents to heal, as every time a special occasion comes around the thoughts go back to the child who would have reached the new milestone and who is missing from the family.

There are ways, however, to process the grief. The most important thing to remember is that healing takes time, and while your life will never be the same there will come a time when you are able to stand on your own two feet again. Also, recognize that although your life has changed you do have some control over where it goes from here. You can choose what path to follow next. Realize that it won’t help your grief to ignore the life of your child. Talk about your child and the gift that he or she was. Honor your child’s life and memory.

Those who have lost a child should consider getting some therapy. It is an intense experience and can be difficult to struggle through on your own. It is normal to experience feelings of intense guilt, as well as sadness, and these powerful emotions can be overwhelming. Therapy can be very useful for couples, who will experience the grieving process differently even as they are grieving the same loss. Therapy can help you understand these differences and avoid conflict in your relationship. Remember too to take stock of your own health and the well-being of the rest of your family, as they will still need you too. Have patience with yourself and with your spouse, and ask for help when you need it.

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