Sunday, February 17, 2008

Organ Donation: Myth vs. Reality

I hope these previous articles on grief and trauma have helped all who have read them, I also have gone through this period and have tried to share some of these enlightening thought with you...........
There are more than 95,000 people on the organ transplant waiting list in the United States alone. This may not be the most comfortable discussion, but it is necessary to decide whether you want to donate the organs of your loved one or not. You may even want to make the decision to donate before the time of death. Making this decision is of monumental importance and could change the lives of those in need as well as their loved ones.

Here we will outline some of the myths surrounding organ donation that prevent many people from signing up to become an organ donor when the time comes.

Myth: The number one myth has got to be that people truly believe if they are organ donors, the hospital and emergency staff will not work as hard to save them.

Reality: This is simply not true. Dr.'s take a Hippocratic Oath to do what ever is possible to save any person that they treat. They will be working to save YOUR life, not someone else’s.

Myth: My loved ones will be charged a fee for organ donation.

Reality: No, they will not be charged a single penny. This one ranks at about a ten on the ridiculous scale. People who are on the waiting list are dying and the organs are more than greatly appreciated, free of charge.

Myth: My loved one has suffered greatly through an illness or tragedy and I don't want them to suffer any more.

Reality: This is a big one; your loved one is dead and they feel no pain. In fact, your loved one's death will be giving life to someone else and preventing another group of people from going through what you are going through right now. What greater way is there to memorialize your loved one than with the gift of life to another?


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