Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Need Help?? The Center For Grieving Children is There

The grief that children feel following a loss is unlike any other form of grief. Often, children are so great at disguising their feelings that adults may not even know when a child is not coping well with loss. Thankfully, a child does not have to grieve alone. The Center For Grieving Children located in Portland, Maine, helps children deal with loss in a group home environment.

The Center For Grieving Children provides children with peer support, but this center also provides a form of in house care for those parents that are coping with a serious disease. In addition, the center also helps those within the Portland community that are dealing with a recent loss. Children that have gone through a particularly hard loss, will find that the Center For Grieving Children is a great comfort when the world seems large and lonely. To find out more information about the center, visit www.cgcmaine.org.

If you know a child that is having a hard time following the death of a loved one, The Center for Grieving Children will be able to help that child find life once again. Though children may not express their grief in the same manner that adults do, they often feel pain at a much deeper level. Instead of allowing a child to grieve on their own, contact the center and find out how you can help those that you love. Remember, grief is something that children will eventually cope with .. but they will never get over the empty feeling of loss.


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