Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Idea's for Spreading Kindness...Or Random Acts of Kindness

On one occasion, a family was at a shoe store where I was purchasing school shoes for my children. They had six children and were debating on which two children would get shoes, since they could not afford shoes for all six. I sought out the manager of the store and gave him enough money for the family to buy shoes for all of their children. I told him to wait until I left the store before telling them about the money. I did not want them to feel obligated to thank me or uncomfortable about accepting the gift. The family was then able to purchase shoes for all of their children. I did not care if the family knew me, however, I did want them to know WHY I was doing this. It was in memory of my beautiful daughter. This would have been the perfect opportunity to leave the Kindness card. Enter the "Random Acts of Kindness" card.
The family would never know me. Who I was is unimportant. But my child and her life is important. The first step in Project Kindness is to seek out ways, look for opportunities, to do something nice for someone. This takes very little creativity, as I have found kind deeds waiting to be done thousands of times. Here are some ideas of deeds for the Kindness Project:

Don’t forget to attach the Kindness Project Cards!! The best thing about the Kindness Project is the fun of anonymity. Be sure to leave the card and leave without being seen as often as you can! Do something kind every day! Share your loved one with the world!

Buy a meal for a young couple or family sitting next to you at a restaurant. Leave the Kindness card with the waitress to give them after you leave. It is a nice surprise they will never forget. It may even make them consider the mortality of their own children and lessen what time they may take for granted.
Partake in a Christmas Angel Program. Leave the card so they know your motivation of love!
Buy shoes or clothes for a family in need.
Bake cookies for a neighbor or teacher, just because.
Order a subscription to Angels Magazine for a family member. Ask that the Kindness card be enclosed in the first issue. It will reinforce, even to family, that your child is never forgotten.
Help an elderly person with yard work or grocery shopping. Many elderly people have a story or two to tell about their own baby that died many years ago.
Visit a nursing home and bring cupcakes. Sit and visit with a few of the residents. You'd be amazed at the loving reception you will receive as many residents rarely receive visitors.
Leave a bouquet at another child's grave at the cemetery. Let them know about our Kindness Project and your child!
Most electric companies allow individuals to assist families who are struggling with their electric bill. If you partake in the program, send your payment with a Kindness card and let them experience the love of your child.
Sign up to participate in a program such as Feed the Children. Your Kindness card will tell them the story of why you are doing this.
Donate to your favorite nonprofit group on your child's birthday or death day. Ask family members and friends to do the same.
Volunteer your time at a local homeless shelter or a crisis nursery.
Buy a new calendar for a workmate.
Donate some grief books to the library or a local support group.
Leave an extra large tip for your food server!
Buy the meal for the person behind you at the fast food drive through.
Leave a bouquet of flowers on someone’s front door step.
Bake goodies and take them to the police station, fire station, or hospital.
Pay a local teen to mow an elderly neighbor’s yard.
Crochet a baby’s blanket and take it to the hospital nursery. Premature babies can always use tiny booties and caps.
Buy a balloon bouquet and ask the nurses the children’s hospital to deliver them to a child.
Make a memorial donation to honor your loved one and a friend’s loved one.
Take a box of doughnuts to an elementary school for a classroom.
Plug someone’s parking meter.
Go to the post office in mid December and ask for of the “letters to Santa” that they get every year. Buy and send the gift on Christmas.
Adopt a street or just pick up litter in the neighborhood.
Leave your change in the soda machine for the next person. It's a nice surprise.
Buy coffee for the person standing behind you in line.
Write to management at places where you get especially good service and commend them (specify names!)
Tape a quarter to a pay phone with a note welcoming anyone who needs it to use it.
Adopt a family through a social service agency, not just at Christmas. People go hungry all year.
Plant a tree or some flowers for a local church. Perhaps offer to “build” a Memorial Garden.
Volunteer at a local shelter, crisis nursery or soup kitchen. This will give more to you than you can imagine.
Volunteer to read to children at your nearest library.
Send your child a note in his lunchbox. Remind them how special they are to you.
Organize a large toy, clothing and diaper drive for a crisis nursery.
Pay for a small child's candy at a convenient store.
Pay for someone's toll and/or gas.
Look for opportunities to open the door for someone or give up your seat for someone.
Buy lunch for the couple or family sitting next to you as you pay your own. Be sure to be secretive!
Buy a toy for a child in the store and ask the clerk to deliver it after you’ve gone.

The list of possible kindnesses is endless. Every act you extend will amaze you! The healing, peace and satisfaction which is born from every kindness is undeniable. It is one of the gifts our children have left behind for us to discover. Please order some of our Kindness cards. We have made them very affordable so that everyone can participate. Then send us your stories. We will publish "Kindness" stories in our newsletter and here on the website. Share your ideas with others and talk about the wonderful and miraculous love your child continues to share within your community. Let them all know that your child lives within your heart, still and always.

Joanne Cacciatore,
M.I.S.S. Foundation

My thank you to the M.I.S.S. for this informaton from their website


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