Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Rosemont Story/ Mayor Bradley Stephens

Well lets start by saying that being a blogger of many subjects,I have decided to take this time and write a very short but strong piece here. The reason ?? Being an avid follower of Chicago Suburb politics and a former resident of Rosemont for 20 something years. Over the last few years I read other peoples accounts of Rosemont and it bothers me to great extents when I read the B.S. that people write that have no real clue of what they are saying. So as a former resident of this great place I thought it only right that I express my thought on the subject of which I know through real life experience.. Lets start with the Honorable and that is the correct word!! Honorable Donald E. Stephens, Here was a brillant man with a brilliant dream that was carried out beyond even his wildest thought could be. This was a man who dreamed a city or village where people could live that true american dream..LIFE IN THE SUBURBS, family life, Great schools and top level Government, We had this all to the millionth degree. This was a man who made all who lived here feel like we were all part of a large loving family.Growing up he was like a Dad to all the kids that lived there ..WHY ?? because he at all activities and school events and etc etc ,

This was no politician or any politician we had ever heard of because he cared about the people and the Village he loved so. He was respected because he had respect for all, Growing up with the kids Mark, Donnie, Bradley and Gail we had the insight of the real life going on and not the unfounded stories the newspapers and other jealous people led people to believe, This was a first class family who allowed to share their Father with a whole community who loved him as much as he loved them. That folks is the definition of a Class act! I could spend days here at this computer writing about the accomplishments Of his Honor, But will save the rest of the story for a future blog post
I am working on...

The Reason for this article today is to wish Mayor Bradley Stephen a huge congratulations !! keeping apprised of Chicago newspapers I had to take the time to write my opinion. AS a Outsider as I now live in Phoenix. And they always say you miss things when your away, Well I have always kept Rosemont in my heart still always feeling like I will always be a Proud Resident..The Structure of this is leading to Mayor Bradley Stephens as a long term Mayor ??? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT.

 As I have known Bradley since we were young children let me assure you if there is any ONE person in this world that can continue the dream of the late Donald Stephens it is surely his son Bradley, He is a true protege of his father warmth, wisdom and total concern for other that is almost untouchable in this changing times. I remember when he was starting to learn all of this knowledge working along side him many days and nites, both of us many hours of Manuel labor in the convention center..No special treatments but always paid well for a job well done, So to all you skeptics, you probably are not skeptical at all looks like the green eyed monster has a hold of you!! Because all of us that have memories and stories of this neat place we grew up in seem to look at you with discern. So it is my pleasure to also call you his HONOR..

Mayor Bradley Stephens and I know like all of us who know you we are proud of you as we know your Dad is of you Good luck your Honor and may God Bless you and the Stephens Family. Thank you for all of you and some of my fondest memories. M.J.S.


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