Friday, February 12, 2010

"MR JIGGS"/ James Kovin


Well it never gets any easier even as we are all "grown up"  On Wed morning 2/10/2010 I lost my Pal   James "Jiggs" Kovin. I use the term Pal because thats how my friend always referred to me as his Pal.My man Jiggs brought back that word Pal out of retirement and made it a word of value again Whe we met almost 9 years ago to the date I knew this was a good man, He was my friend, my mentor also as he always said he was my anger management guru....And he was  lol...When ever he would walk into the house he would always greet me the same   "Hows my man pots and pans...It became are regular saying along with some of the other nicknames he came up for me along with the crazy eyetie...We spent 9 great years together and building ourselfs quite a group of friends along the way.All of who always smiled when he came in the room.In life you get to meet a very few people like Jiggs and I realized what a great addition to my life he had become.My man you will never be forgotten as you were my PAL and loved you very much. Now my pal its time for you to rest and know you left a mark on the people that you have touched along the way even more than you could have ever figured.So rest in peace my friend and thank you for being you.....................Love always....... your man pots and pans


Deborah said...

I remember Jiggs from the time I was a little girl growing up in Maryland. Our families had so much fun together..from the trips to Ocean City Maryland to the parties and cookouts at "our houses. I'll never forget the time I had to go to summer school and Jiggs was at our house. He came, along with my mom & dad-Leon & Margie Carroll and my Auntie Lois, to pick me up from school. At that time he had a limo...Jiggs got out, in the limo driver get-up, opened the door for me, as limo drivers do, and as I was getting into the car he told me to wave to everyone. I felt so important that day. The next day everyone was asking me why I was picked up in a limo...I just smiled and said to myself "because my Uncle Jiggs loves me." This is just one of the many fond memories I have of Jiggs. I always asked my dad, no matter where we lived, if he had heard from Jiggs because he seemed to always show up when we least expected it, like the time I went to San Franciso in 1980 to visit my sister and when I came out of the airport, who was there waiting to give me a ride, JIGGS. I will miss him but will never forget him..We all have another Angle to watch over us. R.I.P Jiggs...I LOVE YOU

Sharon Carroll said...

I am going to have to go back and see what happened that day JIGGS passed away. I say this because no way would he leave this earth without saying goodbye to us in some way....the Jiggs way. Just as my sister stated in her post; Jiggs would pop up on you when you least expected it, but usually when someone had asked about him. He was his own man and definitely lived on his own terms! JIGGS is who got me out of the old VW I was driving as a teenager and put me into a Mustang! Guess that's where I got the love of speed and sports cars. He knew how to make everyone laugh out loud and I personally cannot EVER remember seeing JIGGS in a bad mood or even angry. I remember going to Ocean City and having the time of our lives and I was reminded that I had a big crush on his oldest son Steve! I remember hanging out and playing all kinds of games with his sons...we had a blast together! I remember reunited with him again after I moved out on my own to San Francisco; turns out he was living there too and he took me for a drive up thru the mountains of San Francisco when the FOG was rolling in and it was one of the most beautiful sites I've ever seen and something I will never forget. JIGGS saw no barriers when it came to people and he liked everybody. He showed me how to enjoy life in times others found to be stressful. JIGGS LOVED my father and everyone in my family and as a result we came to love and know him as UNCLE JIGGS! He was a part of our family and I'm sadden by his passing. RIP UNCLE JIGGS, and thank you for for always teaching or showing me something new and being there for us! We Love you....Sharon

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