Sunday, March 28, 2010

Undertaker 18 and 0 at Wrestlemania

3 tombstones. 3 Sweet Chin Music's. The greatest match in wrestling match was surpassed by same two men doing it again with Micheal's career on the line. This match was like two heavy people on a see saw. I was amazed. The counters were unspeakable. Shawn Micheals backwards flip onto the UnderTaker was amazing. The figure four leg locks and hell's gate were unbelievable.

Shawn then kicked out of a tombstone. Undertaker in disbelief stared down at him. "Stay Down!" was shouted by the Taker. Micheals clawed at the Taker trying to stand up. Micheals was desperate, not even being able to get up as he looked like a broken man. The Undertaker stood tall above. Then...
Micheals then slapped the Undertaker. The fasted Tombstone  ever seen to man executed was hit. 1-2-3. Goodbye HBK...The end of another legend 


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