Thursday, April 22, 2010

Woman Driving Men ???

I have had to finally take the time to discuss this issue I have....I just dont get it......OK here goes Have all the men in this world become soft peaches?? Every car I pass has the woman driving the man?? Maybe its my era or their new era but its awful sissy like if you want to know...Cmon remember when you were a kid?? How many times did Mom say to Dad I'll right never happened As a father of 5 I have to say I always did the driving, Now I know not all of you guys have a DUI, Its bad enough we have men shaving there legs, Metro sexual is now kool?? These muffins wouldnt have lasted a day on our street..So I dont want to drag this out any further I am just appalled to the point that I had to make this statement..Cmon guys Old school rules and manors still work...Buy a car quit having your girl pick you up for a date..You may think you are special but be assured your a muffin..And you married guys Quit being a grown up muffin and go back to being a man and take control of the family vehicle and stop being a whiney girls seat driver.Bad enough your wife has you and your boys dressed in Crocs..Man up America


Llewellyn said...

Just read your post and can't believe your comments. Don't know what you would think of me and my wife. I've never driven my wife anywhere, because I don't drive at all, so I'm one of those men who always sits in the passenger seat while the woman drives everywhere. Neither of us see anything wrong in the fact, that in our marriage its the woman who does all the driving - its our choice. I don't really need to drive anyway, nor am I interested in driving, especially as my wife likes driving. Also it means we never argue about driving or who is goin to drive, nor do we have the expense of running two cars. Its simple - in our marriage the woman is the one who drives and the man relies on her to drive whenever they go anywhere. In fact, on our first ever date she drove me home and when I went to hers she quite often picked me up at the station. It has never been an issue for my wife that I don't drive, because she does not really like being a passenger anyway. Thus my wife has always had full control of the family car and has never had to offer or ask to drive, instead she just always drives and I sit in the passenger seat. So if you lived next door to us you'd probably go nuts at only ever seeing my wife getting in the drivers side and me always sitting in the passenger seat everytime we get in car.Infact you'd only ever see me in the car when my wife is driving, but you would see her driving somewhere without me in the car, sometimes because she's dropped me off or is picking me up - but she's not my taxi. You'd also hate the fact that I don't even put the petrol in, I just wait in the car while she fills it up. So not only are we one of those couples where the woman is driving the man, but it is only ever the woman driving because the man doesn't drive at all.

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