Monday, March 4, 2013

Portillos Scottsdale Az Open


Portillo's Hot Dogs

10574 N 90th St
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
(630) 954-3773
Finally a real piece of where I grew-up, Cook County, Illinois.

Portillo's is the  quintessential hot dog restaurant, Chicago Style if you like. A huge menu and a large facility in retro 50's-60's style with a Chicago theme.

Hours as of opening day are: Mon-Thurs 10:30am -10:30pm, Fri-Sat 10:30am-11pm. Sunday 10:30am -10pm. Closed: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
For dine-in or carry-out the process is the same. Get in line, order (probably should research online ahead of time so you know what you want before you get to the register, because the lines may be long). Then slide down to your left and wait for the number from your receipt to be called to pick up your order. While waiting stock-up on condiments and napkins or save a table inside or out.

There's several restaurants in one at this place, one for salads, one for sandwiches, and another for desserts. One order gets all three.

Their Italian beef in a roll is legendary, the preferred style is 'dipped' with hot peppers added (no, they're not too hot) There are two choices of sizes. I cannot do the larger one.

This may turn out to be the anchor store in the mall where this place is located.

Traffic is a bit of a problem. Getting in is easy, getting out is not easy. I think most people try to exit the mall by driving south past the stores to near the Fry's then head east towards 90th St, then turn left onto 90th St and back to Shea if you live west of Portillo's. Be careful, the intersections of Shea at 90th and 92nd are among the highest crash rate locations in the phoenix metro area.

It may be safest to exit onto Shea heading east then make a left after several blocks and turn around back west when it's safe. Better to go the wrong way for a while than to risk fast turns in heavy traffic near the restaurant. Please be patient and allow lots of extra time for the drive back home.

The volume of business and the traffic around Portillo's now is probably not suited to those rude people from New York City.

. If approaching from the west on Shea or from the Loop 101, exit to Shea Blvd heading east, stay in the far right lane and take the first driveway east of the highway to exit to the right heading south. This new restaurant does not show up on google maps or street-view. Yet.

I am speculating that Dick Portillo must be buying a place to winter here in Scottsdale which will keep this location on it's toes! 


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