Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sad Dads Club

So what is this piece about I am asked??? This is a group of Dads who also unfortunately lost a child. This is a great dads group, in a different setting than that of the past, We had all agreed we wanted a different setting. We did not want to sit in a room with no windows and sit in a circle >>nothing wrong with that ...This was just not us !! This is just a new breed of Dads who have found a different way to talk, console, laugh..Yes Laugh in a lighter arena,and yet support each other fully The Host of this is Barry David Kluger..We met on Friday at Mortons in Kierland and were taped by Channel 12 news. It was a Special Nite and we have agreed to do this on a regular basis. It was a casual evening on the Patio at Mortens with much talk, Tears, hugs and laughter. Thanks again Barry Kluger, Barry Adkins,Steve Larsen and Darren. This evening was very warm and appreciated spending this nite with a great bunch of Guys I wish I did not have to meet under these terms. But it did help launch a new avenue for a support group and a way for us guys to get together and keep our memories alive in our comfort level.. Thank You !!


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