Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Facebook Friends !!

Hello My Friends...I ask you to PLEASE Like this page on Facebook Boycott Joel Osteen..His view on Parents who have lost a child is ridiculous.....Basically he is a Moron ...saying Parents who have lost a child "need to get over it and stop seeking attention.......He is a 56 million dollar a year Fool PLEASE LIKE THIS PAGE

My dear friend and mentor in traumatic bereavement, Dr. Joanne Kyouji Cacciatore brought to all of our attention that Pastor Joel Osteen has a chapter in his book wherein he is quoted as saying that bereaved parents who lost their only child were still grieving out of "self pity" and because they "like attention". Needless to say, his belief that we bereaved parents are wallowing in our self pity doesn't sit well with many of us. Joanne contacted Joel Osteen and asked him to apologize to all of us, offering to help counsel him in the bereavement that one experiences after the loss of a child (or children). The door was shut in her face, clearly, so she wrote him an open letter. I love her. Please read, and if compelled, share her letter


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