Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thank You For Your Kindness

A BIG Heartfelt Thank You to Matt V & Frank W, Managing partners for Veterans Services United in Phoenix,( My Bosses) For their very generous donation to the MISS Foundations Sad Dads Club Support Group which I facilitate .

They have equipped us with a New portable shade booth for events, also Sad Dads Banners,Portable tables,Custom Brochures about the Sad Dads Club and a barrel full of give away items for us to use at events.

We will be doing our 1st event at the MISS walk here in Phoenix in October, and will use this very special gift to spread the word of our group at other events in the Valley also this year.

To Matt and Frank, Your overflowing hearts will help many people who use our group after the loss of their children..Thank You's are not enough to say for this very kind and generous gift you have provided. The Sad Dads Club & MISS Foundation Thank you so very much


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