Sunday, June 29, 2008

Remember Kiddytown at the Harlem Irving Plaza ?

When we were kids there were a score of Amusment Parks in Chicago, This was one you have to try to remember as it sat at the Harlem Irving Plaza, These next few blog articles will be on those 6 amusemaent parks we had here in Chicago Area, Riverview Park, Kiddyland, Kiddytown, Santas village and Adventure Land

Kiddytown operated on the north side of the Harlem Irving Plaza. The roller coaster sat on what is now the rear parking lot of the LaSalle Bank at 4242 North Harlem Avenue.

Roller Coaster: Little Dipper
Amusement Park: Kiddytown (Harwood Heights, Illinois 60706 USA)
Classification: Roller Coaster
Type: Wood - Sit Down
Status: Operated from 1956 to 1966 or earlier
Relocations: Kiddytown as Little Dipper
Hillcrest Park as Little Dipper
Little Amerricka as Meteor
Make / Model: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. / Junior Coaster
Serial Number: 120
Designer: Herbert Paul Schmeck
Categories: Family

Length: 900'
Height: 28'
Inversions: 0
Duration: 0:50

History: The plans to the Little Dipper were purchased in 1952, but the ride was not built until 1956.

Hillcrest park bought the roller coaster in 1966. It is believed to have been standing but not operating for some years prior to 1966.


HIP-Blogger said...

Michael, May I possibly use your Kiddytown photos and the roller coaster information as part of a historical / nostalgia display at the HIP Blog? I will credit you and also link to this page.

The historical / nostalgia page at the HIP Blog is currently being worked on and is not yet public.

Webmaster "M" said...

Yes you may use all you need and thank you for reading..Michael

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