Monday, February 11, 2013

Michael Sansone for Anasazi Board 2013

Hello Fellow Residents and Owners at Anasazi Condo's

I have decided to run for the opening Board Position in the 2013 Election here at Anasazi.

Here is a brief Bio on me followed by my platform for running for Board.

Mr.Michael Sansone is a 9 year Anasazi Resident/Owner who as a professional is a seasoned marketing business leader with direct, traditional and Internet marketing experience as well as proven management skills and strong 15 year track record. Extensive experience in business management,Budget Management, Heavy Sales Exp and product management,  sales promotion, branding and communications for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer products.Experienced in constructing business cases, defining business requirements, managing creative and technical resources, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing .  

Mr Sansone is also a Mentor for the MISS Foundation
I have been involved for over 9 years in mentoring Other parents who have lost a child along with myself
You may see my Mentor page at link below


As a Resident here I believe it is time to return Anasazi back to the Residents, As you know I am a supporter of having a Resident or mostly Resident Board here at Anasazi.At this time our Board President is not a resident and has never lived here on the property . My first belief is that the Board President SHOULD be a Full time resident!

I also believe that by having Myself on Board it would be a great asset to having a Board Member on property with an open door policy for Residents to speak with about issues in between meetings. I Will have open door policy!!

Many Residents here have stopped attending Board meeting in general..Reason They have  no voice or a very Short time to try to express their concerns, I believe by opening the floor to residents we will have a better grasp of things going on here.

I also believe that saving the look of Anasazi that we all fell in love with be protected. Our Board is considering taking out many tree's and replacing Much Grass with stone?/.. I believe that because they are not residents The non resident Board members dont care  how the property changes..I say KEEP ANASAZI THE WAY WE FOUND IT AND JUST UPKEEP WITH A LITTLE MORE CARE.

I along with most will also do WHATEVER it takes to keep HOA fee's from rising any higher. There are changes that can be made to accommodate this, Just need a Board willing to listen.There is much waste in our budget here and it needs to be made public and addressed to the residents, We have many Residents here qualified in many fields that want to help?? LETS HAVE SOME RESIDENT COMMITTEES  HERE, WHY WASTE THE KNOWLEDGE AND THOSE OFFERING TO HELP RIGHT HERE IN OUR COMMUNITY

I believe I have the background, The time needed to invest in working on the Board here and also am a owner who plans to live here permanently..

I have been active in many area's here at Anasazi, Having the 1st ever Residents Meetings that filled the clubhouse, started the community walk program, attending all Board meetings. I CARE ABOUT ANASAZI AND OUR INVESTMENTS.

Many of you have asked for change??? Well the time is now..If you want someone that walks the grounds daily, cares about the future of Anasazi and also the concern for safety here??  

Then you need to vote for Michael Sansone


x    Michael Sansone is that Person


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