Monday, February 25, 2013

Thank You All For The Support

I would like to Thank  all of you who supported my bid to the Anasazi Election, I lost by 18 votes but in itself was a victory, The residents have made it clear that the turmoil will end soon

 Enough of Board members who do not live on property, Hoping to push for a board of 7 rather than 5 and think I should be appointed along with a Canadian resident , I believe they also should have a voice since they have revitalized Anasazi in the last few years

 Also think we should push for Project start dates and completion dates.It is time AAM is held accountable for work here.We have been told we are looking into it or a project is scheduled ????We have a website and think it should have a progress meter to show residents Projects here are really being done and completed in a timely fashion
I also agree with Con on Committees here at Anasazi and have offered my name on all committees if needed.So again Thank you to all of you who supported an sent many letters and phone calls of support..And also agree totally on term limits!!

 We have seen the tactics here by certain Board Members to hold on to their position..Term Limits will resolve many of these issues!


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