Monday, January 28, 2013

Thank You !!!!!

Again, I am pleased that you are running for the board.  Sorry I was not at the meet and greet because I was not in AZ at the time.  I hope it went well and residents were able to learn what an asset you are to our community. 
Quick question for you.  We received two voicemails at our home in St. Paul from Sharon in the Anasazi management office.  Is Roe no longer working at Anasazi?  Is Wayne still there?  If there was a change in management, it would be nice if they let the owners know. 
I really miss your blog because it kept us informed of what was going on at Anasazi.  Even though we are not full time residents, we deeply care about our community and your blog let us know the issues so we could respond accordingly.
Again, thank you for all that you do!
Bldg 4


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