Monday, August 11, 2008

Special Thank You To Mike Tafoya

After speaking with Chicago Rock Legend last week and getting caught up on old times shared, Mike Tafoya of the Lost Boyzz sent me some of there new music just released, But to my surprise and honor they sent me an mp3 of Amazing Grace they recorded for my daughter Dawn who is no longer with us but attended many shows of the Boyzz and Mike Tafoya. But also Mr Tafoya had no idea that Amazing Grace was her favorite.(Must be an Italian thing lol)This was a much appreciated thought and just wanted to thank you again for making another memory. Of which you are responsible for many in "The Day" Thanks again Mr Tafoya

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Hey Mike, That is so sweet of them to do that. Havent heard from you in a while. Hope is all well with things. Im back online again. Been so busy. Write me. Dot from Indiana.

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