Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thinking of Quiting Smoking ???

Well then you have got to check out N JOY !!!

is Njoy
all about?
NJOY looks, feels and tastes like a cigarette or cigar. What makes it better is the freedom to smoke anywhere, anytime, no second hand smoke and lower cost. Hear what NJOY customers are saying about this revolutionary product

Sottera, Inc., based in Scottsdale, Ariz., has filed for patents to manufacture and distribute groundbreaking products and technology represented by the trademarked brand NJOY (www.njoy.com).

The name Sottera is derived from Soteria, the Greek God of preservation, redemption and salvation, three words that are the essence of the NJOY brand and products that give tobacco smokers the opportunity to continue smoking with greater freedom, lower cost and more social acceptance.

The centerpiece of the NJOY family of products is a rechargeable battery-powered microelectronic alternative smoking device that, when used in conjunction with NJOY's replaceable cartridges, mimics the process of smoking. The device is offered in three shapes/sizes: a small cigar, a long cigarette version and a common cigarette style. The cigarette style is offered in assorted colors, giving consumers stylish accessorizing options. The re-fill cartridges are offered without (“Zero”) and with (“Light,” “Medium” and “Full”) nicotine, in "regular-tobacco" and menthol flavors, while also offering apple, vanilla and strawberry ("Zero", “Medium” and “Full”) flavors. Additional specialty flavors are under development to add an entirely new dimension to the NJOY alternative smoking experience.

NJOY is currently being sold in all 50 United States and in over 25 foreign countries. NJOY is available online at www.njoy.com and can ship around the globe, and is also available on affiliate websites and at several retail locations across the US.


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