Sunday, May 2, 2010

Was a Wild Ride

Well the pics from my accident last week should help you understand Faith and I know My Angel was watching over me.I had the unfortunate time of an accident on Monday,Those here in Phoenix were kept up to date as it was the story on the news for that evening.I was traveling  and a woman turned left in front of me causing a collision with her, after hitting her car I was propelled in to the front end of a tour bus which was sitting still..The scary part of it all for me was hearing as I was being removed from car that there were children on the bus..ALL were unharmed which really is all that mattered,Unfortunately I broke my neck in 2 places and broke my sternum,So you should be hearing more from me here on my Blog as I recoup. Those of you who know this  tough ole Paison      Know that I will be back even stronger...Thank you to all that have flooded us with calls,visits etc..Think my crew might have freeked out the emergency room a bit never expected to see over 20 people within minutes of my arrival to hospital....I love ya all and Thanks Again   ....Chicago Mike


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