Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Dawn

Some Thoughts From us...

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories a lane, I’d walk
right up to heaven and bring you
home again

A gift for such a little while,
your loss just seems so wrong,
you should not have left before us,
it’s with loved ones you belong

Happy 30th Birthday / Auntie Lisa
Thirty years ago today I remember walking home from Rosemont School 8th grade and feeling so happy that I was an Auntie. Little did I know the short time you would be in our lives but, the memories Oh God they will live in our daily thoughts and hearts forever! The void for all of us on a daily basis is so hard but what keeps me focused on you and not your horrible death is those Huge brown eyes and that sweet smile that was truly unforgetable to me. This family has so much love and so much more now due to our Angel Dawnie please watch over all of us my Birthday Girl. Happy 30th Green!


Happy Birthday / Lisa V-Da (Friend)
Happy birthday to you Dawn. What are birthdays like in heaven? I miss you! Thank you for stopping me that Monday in November. I swear I can hear you say "It's all good". I love you Dawn.

Today would have been your 30th Birthday..1/2/2008 / Michael Sansone (Dad)
Today as I think of you, I have a smile in my face as I think of that night in 78 when you arrived, And then bitterness sort of sets in as I think of all missed as today you would have been 30! And then I realize that you are here , deeep in my heart and I will sing Happy Birthday to you , like all other years, And also have many many fond memories that will and could not be forgotten, So on this day my angel I hope you are watching and knowing we think of you always, and know you are in your place with the Lord,So today My angel I wish you a Happy Birthday and all the love in my heart.......Love always Dad

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