Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm Headed to Chicago this Week !!

Does this say it all, and I live in Phoenix If you haven't got it yet

Snowstorm to Tornado Warnings in 7 days

But looking forward to it none the less,Actually very excited... Looking forward to seeing the "Kids" and Nephews and Nieces and MY GRAND DAUGHTER. Have not seen her since she was around 3 months old and now she is 2, and when she talks to me on the phone all problems of the world disappear, Going to town as my Dad is having a knee replacement, Been there for me for ever and ever, Glad I get to return the love in such a small way, But know all will go well cuz he has the best angel a person could ask for watching over him, But don't think I would go to Chi Town and not be ready to at least have a couple Gene and Jude's Hot Dogs...At Least...Some good Pizza NOT Arizona fake pizza..
Will keep you apprised as to how the trip went when I return next week....Should have some good pics for all to see..................Talk soon ..Chicago Mike


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