Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What a Trip home !!!!

Well back from Chicago.. First off Dad is doing great after knee replacement, Working hard to get himself back to 100%,what do we do to help, We put a picture of his mansion in the desert above his workout station, that ought to have him running in no time..But also a great time spent with my children that live in Chicago, also my Grandaughter, WOW what a beautiful little girl and twice as smart as her Dad already lol......Got to have some of those famous Gene & Judes hot dogs, portillo's beef and a Dino's pizza, Are you drooling yet ?? Spent Saturday evening at my sister and husbands with 2 of my daughters, son, grand daughter,3 nephews and very pretty niece,and sister in-law A great evening it was.........Then was caroused around town till 4am with daughter and her boyfriend of which was more fun than I had in a while, A chip off the old block, the party genes we Sansones carry lol Here are some pics of the trip.............Didnt mention took two days to thaw out and the 4 hour delay at O'hare...


allsportsqueen said...

Hey, Sounds like a heck of a trip.
Great looking family.
You guys look so close. And the Granddaughter is darling.

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