Thursday, September 25, 2008

David L. Covill.............In Loving Memory

On September 5 2008 Our loved and respected friend Dave Covill left this life to join his beloved Barbara, Better known to us Sansone kids as Mr and Mrs Covill, This wonderful man was not only a mentor,friend,voice of reason many times in my life.Mr Covill and Mrs Covill are survived by there two wonderful children,Dave Jr and Susie of whom we have known and loved since we were all young kids.I can go on and write a book about the wonderful times spent with Mr Covill and the great times and stories we shared.Many years of working together on the Jade run.David Covill was also a Retired Rosemont Police Lieutenant for over 25 years. Along with playing Santa at our annual Christmas Eve dinners,Dave was always anxious to play the part as he loved our children as they were his own, He also was the person who coined my late daughter Dawns nickname as the Peanut,So many great memories of such a great man.But I should say Great memories of both Mr and Mrs Covill who both were very inspiration to all of us Sansone's, They were that rare friend that only a few of us have the opportunity to meet in our life time.So also knowing that they are with our Dawn makes my heart a whole lot happier.So to you my most respected friend Mr Covill I bid a prayer for you as you touched my life even more than you could have known.From my Family, my children and all who had the pleasure to know you and your wonderful wife Barbara,We thank you for the honor of loving us the way you did Thank you, I WILL MISS YOU!! and may God Bless you Both..............Michael S.

Perhaps they are not
stars in the sky,
but rather openings
where our loved ones
shine down
to let us know they
are happy.


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