Thursday, October 2, 2008

October is Infant and Child Death Awareness Month

Dear Friends,My favorite Foundation notes:

We take this moment to recognize the month of October as Infant and Child Death Awareness month, and we invite you to participate in any of the activities that many MISS Foundation members participate in to recognize children who died:

1. The Kindness Project is a beautiful way to increase awareness of and sensitivity to the death of a child;

2. Light a candle at a set time every evening beginning tonight and ending on October 31st to remember your beloved sibling, child, grandchild;

3. Volunteer to help others once per week during October to remember your child;

4. Participate in the MISS Foundation's online support forums to help support others, including those who have lost teen and adult children, perinatal loss, and many others;

5. Meditate or pray for all the families experiencing child death each day this month;

6. Create a loss journal of every "remembrance activity" in which you participate this month;

7. Create a work of art that you begin Oct 1 and end Oct 31, such as a clay project, video, scrapbook, or musical composition;

8. Plant a tree this month;

9. Write ten letters or cards of gratitude to someone special in your life between now and Oct 31;

10. Devote yourself to reading one meaningful book during this month about love, life, and loss. One idea is Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning.

As you mourn the death of your precious children this month, the MISS Foundation holds each of you in our hearts.

We hope the month of October is gentle and meaningful and that you find the comfort you so deserve.

In their memory,
The MISS Foundation


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